After Nearly 3 Decades As a Band, R.E.M Gets Its Own Film

Carnival of Sorts (Box Cars)

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That's right, there shall be visual documentation of the R.E.M. live show. Although, This is Not A Show (Live at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, Ireland) proclaims it is not a show, the film, directed by French dude Vincent Moon, whose also directed films for the Arcade Fire and the National, captures R.E.M. playing "rehearsal shows" in front of an audience. But, remember, this is not a show! Shot in Moon's distinctly blurry, one-eyed, "I really feel like I'm there" perspective, This is Not A Show will be shown in select theaters, clubs and other random venues across the country. Fortunately for long-time fans, the movie finds Stipe, Buck and Mills reaching all the way back to their debut, performing Chronic Town classic "Carnival of Sorts," while performing a smattering of hits spanning their entire catalog. Check below for a screening in your town. There isn't one?!?! Chill out man, you can suggest a show here. Yes, cabins, mess halls, barns and submarines are all considered apt places to view a film.

Screening Dates

10.14 Cambridge, MA @ IFF Boston at the Brattle – 9:30pm

10.16 Atlanta, GA @ The Plaza – 7:30pm

10.18 Asbury Park, NJ @ The ShowRoom – 9:00pm

10.22 Boise, ID@ The Egyptian

10.22 Columbus, OH @ The Drexel –8:00pm

10.23  New Haven, CT @ Criterion Cinemas

10.23  Tempe, AZ @ Madcap Theatres

10.23 Columbia, SC @ The Nickelodeon

10.23-24 Urbana-Champaign, IL@ Savoy 16

10.23-25 Seattle, WA @ Northwest Film Forum

10.24  Bloomington, IN @ The Ryder presents at IU Fine Arts Theatre

10.24  Montgomery, AL @ The Capri Theatre –9:00pm

10.26  Athens, GA @ Hotel Indigo (R.E.M. has arranged an event)

10.27  New York, NY @ Cinema Purgatorio at the Kraine Theatre

10.27  Los Angeles, CA @ Downtown Independent

10.27 Burlington, VT @ UVM Davis Center –8:00pm

10.30 Anchorage, AK @ The Bear Tooth

11.01  Philadelphia, PA @ 941 Theater- 8:00pm

11.05  Dallas, TX @ Dallas Video Festival

After Nearly 3 Decades As a Band, R.E.M Gets Its Own Film