Contest: Win Tickets to Voodoo Fest

Every year we’re always amazed by how the Voodoo Fest manages to mix national megatalent with local musicians, it makes for a festival that is not only different than most, but also gives us the chance to be like, Yeah after I catch the Meat Puppets I’m going to go check out the New Orleans Bingo! Show. Diversity! The lineup this year is pretty out there, you can catch Eminem and D12, The Pogues, Kiss, and if it’s your thing, Widespread Panic plus the rest of the ridiculously packed lineup, which you can see here. Hit us in the comments for your chance to win tickets, and remember to use a legit email address.

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  1. WBTANK2012 says:

    Give me those tickets lil whoddie or we’re gonna bring ya’ll down to audubon zoo, where I heard they all asked for you, ya’ heard me…them gert town monkey’s asked bout my scrilla…the marrero tiger’s asked bout my dough…and the uptown elephants asked me bout u and my paper too!!! They all asked for you…they even inquired about ya!

    Give me dem tickets, “Woop Woop”

    or else “Woop Woop Woop”

  2. The Craic says:

    Pogues Pogues Pogues.

    The Boys from County Hell will all be there, and I wanna be there too.

  3. Jess says:

    Live and work in the 9th ward…my life is full of adrenaline….I need release!

  4. liz says:

    My mom is dying to see Eminem (I’m not kidding) and I’ve got my lineup all picked out. We’re two generations of rock chicks ready to go.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Would love to go! Just moved to new orleans a few months ago and haven’t even been to city park!

  6. Will says:

    The sissy bounce folks are closing out the weekend- that show will be unreal. I want those tickets.

  7. Jon says:

    I’m a 504 resident. Even though we get spoiled with awesome music and parades on a weekly basis, voodoo is still an awesome time.

  8. Mallory says:

    I am in the army and I’m always on the go. I have never seen George Clinton live and always miss him when he comes around. I would love to see his funking band play. Thanks

  9. Chloe says:

    i’m a resident of nola and have NEVER been to voodoo, i’m way too broke! this would be so great if i could actually get in this year

  10. Sherry B. says:

    Hey, not sure when this contest ends, but we would love you, to take two of us to voodoo in New Orleans :) Yes, Eminem will probably be who we would love to see the most! And KISS :) Also, we would also love to just get out of WI. to see New Orleans now. Never been there but, I’m sure it would be awesome to see :) Thanks for the chance!

  11. Tamara says:

    Hey! Like MANY out there…we are too broke to get the tickets. This line up is one of the most amazing I have seen and I have tried EVERYTHING (spent hours online looking for Volunteer Opportunites) to find a way to go…we are even considering driving anyways (Dallas, TX) and hoping to get lucky…sleep in the truck, whatever we gotta do! Please give my boyfriend and I the well deserved break we need…havn’t done anything awsome since we bought a house a little over a year ago!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Thanks for this cool opportunity :D

  12. Lisha says:

    We really, really want to go this year. We are NOLA natives and have been every year up until Katrina. Life changes have prevented us from going since then but we would LOVE to go this year. We can’t afford it because of our new beautiful baby angel! Please, please pick us, my husband can’t wait to see Eminem!

  13. Amanda says:

    my boyfriend and I try to go every year, but this year we cant seem to scramble up enough money to get there. i would love to win tickets. good luck everyone.

  14. DDLOPEZ says:

    Dear the Powers That Be,
    The lineup this year is staggering: Black Keys, Flaming Lips, Justice, Jane’s Addiction, Rebirth, Mutemath, Eminem, Widespread…Halloween in New Orleans…you gotta be freakin’ kidding me?!?!
    Those tickets will be used to the fullest extent of the law and maybe beyond if ya’ll pick this email! Give us a reason to go home to the best city on earth and we will make sure your pick is (not) wasted!

  15. Jimmy says:

    Help out a college student trying to Lose My Mind Halloween weekend. I got a great costume and an itch to cut up. Make it happen “The Fader”

  16. v says:

    Already in New Orleans, will defff use the tickets.

  17. its_Josh says:

    Live in New Orleans and wanna go to VOODOO. Hook a brotha up.

  18. greg says:

    haven’t been to voodoo since 2003 when i went to school down there. NOLA has the best music in the world, bar none. please send me!

  19. sarae wilthew says:

    I am 46 years old and never been to Voodoo. I would love to go see KISS. My husband and I are BIG KISS fans and it is our 20th wedding anniversary.

  20. Chris says:

    i want to go to voodoo so bad this year!! flaming lips, justice, kiss! i have no money please give me a ticket!!!!!!

  21. Katie says:

    i’m on the volunteer page of the voodoo website and i am worthy of this contest choose me please

  22. Amanda says:

    thanks for the positive hype – the voodoo is a great thing

  23. Kyle says:

    I went last year and had a blast!!! NIN and STP were amazing!

    I’ve been waiting 10 years to see KISS. PICK ME!

  24. Doctafunk says:

    I am broke and need the music!!!!
    help me out peoples!!!
    I´ll bring half naked girls if picked, i promise!!!!

  25. mike says:

    i need the tickets, it’s the fucking recession and my g/f and i are broke as fuck. send them my way please for the love of God!111

  26. Michelle says:

    My guy friend and I are going to New Orleans for a wild, fun & freaky Halloween weekend and would love to include the Voodoo Fest in our agenda!

  27. yaheardme says:

    Yeah Voo Doo Fest. My best bud is coming to visit for Voo Doo!

  28. mere says:

    yessssssss please

  29. Briana says:

    I WANNA WIN!!!

  30. jason says:

    Bringing gf to new orleans for the first time, we need some tickets!

  31. chickendinner says:

    Hey little buddy haven’t you heard…? Everyone is talking about it…I thought you heard??????????

    um uma uhm mow wow uma uhm mow mawow
    Don’t you know the bird is the word??? ahh Well, everybody knows that
    um uma uhm mow wow uma uhm mow mawow
    Sticking with my ornithological theme
    What do birds give out on Halloween night?
    winner winner… chicken dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    um uma uhm mow wow uma uhm mow mawow

  32. Cathy Stevens says:

    I am 48 years old and have never seen Kiss before!! I would love to pretend I’m 15 again and party at the Voodoo Fest!!! Please, pick me for the voodoo fest tickets!!!

  33. I have a story to tell.Igo to Voodoo every year being a native of da N.O. Usually I get in free through the booth workers(friends with alot of them).Well this year they are crackin down on that issue by not giving out the wristbands to the workers(so they wont be able to pass me one through the fence)!Now being the poor man that I am I will not be able to purchase the way overpriced tickets and therefor will not be attending Voodoo this year!!!!! Here is my pitch>I am going to try and sneak into Voodoo fest with some sneaky ninja moves,witch will probably end badly for me!Could get caught,go to jail,maybe slip on the fence and die a true Voodoo soldier! As cool as all that sounds,Iwould rather win some tickets from THE FADER and tell all my friends about THE FADER!So what do ya think guys,can you help out a true VOODOO veteran and possibly save a mans life????

  34. Deborah Bonnette says:

    Want a real pity party story? I am 60 (ex hippy) and have not been able to work for a year and a half. My 22yr. old kid had been picking up the bills and rent and everything working doubles at the restaurant like a fiend until he was hurt on the job and was out for a month while he healed. We got evicted and we are both sleeping on friends couches. He is down in the dumps because he feels it is somehow his fault that we have had such bad luck. This is a very cool, responsilble kid. He has always wanted to go to Voodo fest but we just couldn’t afford it what with having to buy this stuff called food and all. What a way to lift his day and spirits. Please hook this kid up!

    The kid’s Mom

  35. Carrie says:

    I want to camp have a good time listen to tunes see great bands meet other people and go to voodoo!!!

  36. melanie imbraguglio says:

    I’ve been every year since way back when Voodoo Fest was still End Fest. It’s my favorite weekend of the entire year, better than any holiday. :)

  37. melanie imbraguglio says:

    Born to win and to worship the music!!!

  38. Amberr Polhemus says:

    I’ve been wanting to go to voodoo fest ever since I saw the lineup for 2009!
    I didn’t get to go because I broke my leg, but, whether I won tickets or not I AM going.