Listen to White Rainbow Remix Citay, Scoop Your Brain Off Floor

White Rainbow's Adam Forkner is a jack of all trades. He's dabbled in hyphy-glitch, ambient tweak gaze and spacial ecstasy. He's worked with Dirty Projectors, Atlas Sound, Yume Bitsu, Yacht, Devendra Banhart and is a regular component of Portland weirdo troupe Rob Walmart. Given his curriculum vitae, one might expect Forkner to take "Eye on the Dollar" to outer space, or possibly, due to his recent obsession with hyphy, to the club with a chopped-and-screwed remix as suitable for the syzurp crowd as it would be for DMT dosers worldwide.

Of course, White Rainbow isn't one to do the obvious, swearing off the popular structural remix, in favor of texturing the jangly "Eye on the Dollar" with phasers, flangers and some well-played auto-tune. The result, an acoustic, communal Chipmunks-on-acid vibe that recalls Arthur Lee's Love, as much as it does the early works of Animal Collective. It's subtle, and feels more like hearing the original under the influence of analog mescaline than a "remix." This probably has to do with the fact that the modern definition of remix has so many different connotations its hard to even describe.

Citay, Eye On The Dollar (White Rainbox Remix)

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Listen to White Rainbow Remix Citay, Scoop Your Brain Off Floor