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My Gold Mask, "Violet Eyes" MP3


My Gold Mask gets mega sounds and emotion out of two instruments, their tense guitar whorls and crackling warbles perfect for this rainy morning when, yeah ok, we rode the subway to work with Sisters of Mercy's first album blasting out our headphones. It's surprisingly long for a song of this minimalism, but stick around for the bridge breakdown with the Ronettes speak-piece and kickdrum. It's like the girl who died on prom in 1964 is coming back as a ghost to tell you a really important secret. Like every other band on earth, they're playing live at CMJ: they'll be at the Culture of Me showcase next Thursday. So, you know. Go to that.

Download: My Gold Mask, "Violet Eyes" (via Culture of Me)

My Gold Mask, "Violet Eyes" MP3