Rihanna's "Kill Breezy Volume 1"

Rihanna is officially back for everyone out there thinking the "ella, ella" movement was long gone. While the blog scene is still catching their collective breaths—from those nude snapshots from last winter, TMZ x LAPD Confidential Police Photo leak and publicized domestic dispute hearings—everyone else is getting a glimpse of the "new and improved" RiRi... in other words, the return of the "R" is back and we're not talkin' Rakim.

Call it really good promotion on behalf of her staff or call it a smart overall game plan by her own means, but setting up a Twitter page with a one-liner which has also grasped over 54,000 follows in less than 24 hours? Incredible. Just for those of you who think the singer might be pulling a fast one, peep what she had to say:

"The Wait Is Ova. Nov 23 09"

End of story. 'Nuff said. Salutations. In case you are wondering the significance of November 23rd (which is a Monday), it's actually going to be one of the biggest days this upcoming holiday season with Lady Gaga, Timbaland, 50 Cent, Birdman and your girl, RiRi landing in stores with new albums. Coincidentally, while the others already have names to their projects, we're still left wondering what title (Justin Timberlake) she has come up with so far...

While you all ponder that "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" journey, keep in mind...with only a Zorro meets "Playboy Night Calls" letter "R" being displayed on her Twitter page promising a return, this comeback will be far more greater than Uma Thurman from those Kill Bill films. Even though she won't admit it, this good girl --> bad girl is out to prove a point...sell records? Yes. Regain an even larger sex appeal and media spolight? Yes. Make Chris "Breezy" Brown look like a sucker? You better believe it. Only time will tell and her new songs have yet to meet the inevitable industry leak..until then, Breezy.....watch out! --Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

Rihanna's "Kill Breezy Volume 1"