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Nick Cave, Warren Ellis Get Apocalyptic for The Road Score


No stranger to rapists, murderers, thieves, post-apocalyptic psych examinations and darkness, it makes sense for Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, two of the most undeniably bad-ass dudes alive, to score the film adaptation of Cormack McCarthy's The Road. While a release of their haunting elegy's have not hit the silver screen yet (The Road opens 11/22), six compositions from the film have been released as part of White Lunar, a collection of the film scores Ellis and Cave have produced over the years. Both lush and daunting, (kind of like seeing Omar from the Wire in a post-Mt. St. Helen's-esque valley,) "The Road" and "The Boy" are paralyzing in their stark portrayal of nature. We know you hate reading, and every time you do it you fall asleep, but, seriously, give these two tracks a listen while you try to finish reading McCarthy's The Road. You've got a little over a month before it's released, so get on it so you don't have to be one of those people who thought the movie was great but haven't read the book yet.

"The Road"

"The Boy"

Nick Cave, Warren Ellis Get Apocalyptic for The Road Score