The Tripwire Podcast 054

00:00:02.069 The Twang "Barney Rubble" (B-Unique)
Starlight Mints "Black Champagne" (Barsuk)
00:10:48.656 Race Horses "Cake" (Fantastic Plastic)
00:14:03.489 Noise Addict "Gravity" (self-release)
00:15:51.759 deVries "Darkest Summer" (Noise On Noise)
00:18:44.178 Morningbell "Let's Not Lose Our Heads" (Orange Records Of Gainesville)
00:21:48.381 Animal Kingdom "Signs And Wonders" (Warners Music UK)
00:25:23.527 The Winter Sounds "Trophy Wife" (Theory Eight)
00:29:24.817 Decoder Ring "Beat The Twilight" (Inertia)
00:33:11.527 CFCF "Monolith" (Paper Bag)
00:39:44.869 Julian Casablancas "11th Dimension [edit]" (RCA)
00:43:40.105 break one
00:54:00.731 Athlete "Superhuman Touch" (Polydor)
00:57:33.300 Placebo "Bright Lights" (Vagrant)
01:00:42.450 Grooms "Dreamsucker" (Death By Audio)
01:03:56.409 We All Have Hooks For Hands "California" (Afternoon Records)
01:07:20.091 The Whigs "In The Dark" (ATO Records)
01:10:38.784 The Grates "Carve Your Name" (Dew Process/Thirty Tigers)
01:13:14.194 Beak "I Know" (Invada)
01:18:00.141 City Light "I See You" (self-release)
01:20:34.341 No Age "You're A Target" (Sub Pop)
01:23:43.650 A Place To Bury Strangers "In Your Heart" (Mute)
01:26:41.306 Amazing Baby "Supreme Being" (Green Label Sound)
01:31:09.244 Little Dragon "Blinking Pigs"
01:34:42.177 The Rakes "Bitchin' In The Kitchen" (V2)
01:37:46.003 Bear In Heaven "Lovesick Teenagers" (Hometapes)
01:40:52.341 break two
01:47:42.475 Screaming Lights "Hello Tomorrow" (Epitaph Europe)


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The Tripwire Podcast 054