Video: Lil Boosie, “Mind of a Maniac”

When Prodigy released the video for “Mac 10 Handle” we wouldn’t have expected him to spawn a back-to-basics rap video renaissance, but he did, and now Lil Boosie‘s “Mind of a Maniac” can exist. In the Motion Family-directed video, Boosie gets all Hannibal Lecter, rolls his eyelids inside out (still looks gross!), and generally proceeds to provide really fitting visuals for an already bleak song, carrying the entire thing on facial expressions and wide eyes alone. It should also be noted that this is the second time in less than two weeks that artists have decided it would be a good idea to intimidate us with crazy eyes—stay tuned for future developments! (via Motion Family)

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  2. Na'Kia says:

    aye..boosie thats mii nicca i love him 2 death…and he be on dat real nicca shit…yea sum do hate..but mii boi keeps it to real..”mind of a manic”…to much fo 1 nicca…get wit it or hate it…