Gucci Mane Empties His Hard Drive On To The Internet

There’s a popular saying in sports that claims, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” The part you never hear, however, is that when talent does work hard, everybody’s fucked. This past Saturday, October 17th (10/17), at 10:17pm, in a move of unprecedented internet generosity, 1017 Brick Squad’s Gucci Mane attempted to explain his now months-long hiatus with three whole mixtapes of original music. To think that all this time he was just locked in the studio amassing enough material for three street albums. If you’re like us and just getting around to downloading these after a long weekend of not being on the computer, then you’ve got your work cut out for you. But if you were actually dialed in Saturday night, by now you surely have some idea of which one is paramount and should feel free to leave the answer in the comments.

Download: Gucci Mane , Cold War Mixtape Series (via Rap Radar)

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  1. wes says:

    they all knock but great brrritain is in the lead for me right now

    “colder than a penguin drinkin’ ice cold water in new england”

  2. JJ Pierce says:

    The best mixtape he dropped was Brrprint 3D with Dj Drama…That came out like 4 days before the mixtapes with the countrys. I have listened to all 4 he dropped this week and Brrprint 3D is a straight up classic. All the rest are just ok but im telling you the Brrprint 3D is a CLASSIC! Right up there with the Young Jeezy mixtape with Dj Drama a few years back, it’s thats good….Listen to Gucci Mane-My Shadow, Gucci Mane-I Think I want her, Gucci Mane-Trap goin crazy, Gucci Mane-Dope boys, 1017 Brick Squad-My Chain….Them are all of the Brrprint 3D and im telling you Gucci is going to take over the game when his album drops in December.

  3. Timothy. Great to hear Radric in storyteliing mode. The only weak link out of the three tapes was the Russian one. Holiday’s drops just makes the shit unlistenable. All in all though, and factoring in the BP3, Gucci is king.

  4. sarkazm says:

    i wouldn’t call 6 mixtapes in one year a hiatus. gucci never leaves!

  5. S_CeeZ says:

    Cant wait til fright night drops

    n if yu fuck wit gucci gotta fuck wit all of bricksquad


  6. devaris says:

    man gucci shiten on er thang thats hitten duh south