Wyclef Jean Gets Personal, Memoir On Deck

"Fugee this, Fugee that...." Well, this may not be the reunion fans (and Pras) were hoping for, but it's "something" from the Fugee head and Lauryn Hill hitmaker, Wyclef Jean, in the form of a tell-all memoir. (Jean should have won a Grammy for being the source of Hill's 1998 classic...)

While things are still kept under more wraps than a Chipotle delivery boy, turns out Jean has linked with Rolling Stone writer Anthony Bozza (yeah..."him") for the new project. Much to many doubters' surprise, Bozza has more things attached to him than a "groovy" last name, turns out he helped pen Whatever You Say I Am with Eminem and even got exxxtreme with Tommy Lee for Tommyland. Still not convinced about this book? Think it's going to collect dust next to Mase's biography? Well, feast your eyes on this description courtesy of the old-school press release:

The memoir will chronicle Wyclef's childhood in the tiny rural village of La
Serre in Haiti and his subsequent immigration to Brooklyn, NY, where at the
age of 9 he began his journey into pop culture. He will recount his struggle
between the double life he led as a preacher's son playing music in church
with becoming a young rapper trying to fit in with his peers. The book will
also document his monumental success as founding member of The Fugees and then
his impressive solo career where he established himself as one of the most
sought-after musicians, performers, songwriters, and producers of his
generation. Wyclef's work as a global philanthropist, especially in his native
country through his work with Yele Haiti which he founded in 2005, will be
featured in the book. His philanthropic work has brought him worldwide
attention for his tireless efforts to change the way the world sees Haiti.

Okay, granted....we over-hyped it up just a little bit, so maybe it won't do "Superhead"-type numbers and Bill Clinton might snicker at his charity partners attempt, but this will be one of the closest explanations toward the real break-up of The Fugees. While Pras seems more slander-driven-to-get-a-buck, Lauryn appears to be going "Land of the Lost" with her music these days...especially with that last-minute tour cancellation over the summer....so, it's all in Clef's hands...but don't be fooled, you're going to hear a few other tales before getting to the Fugee segment.

"I am so happy to share my journey which took me from the hut to the projects
to the mansion," said Wyclef Jean. "I am just getting started and feel so
excited about It Books publishing the early stories from my life."

Only time will tell, especially since a release date and book title haven't even begun to catch the attention of your everyday blogger, so hang tight and look forward to Clef dropping some jewels, sorry Diddy, we were referring to "knowledge." -Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

Wyclef Jean Gets Personal, Memoir On Deck