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Julian Casablancas Announces Residency, Shares New Solo Jam

By now you're very much aware that frontStroke Julian Casablancas is getting into the solo album racket. You've probably also enjoyed the many melodic curves and turns of that album's synthtastic early listen, "11th Dimension." Casablancas will be bestowing further riches in the coming weeks by finally releasing Phrazes for the Young (November 2nd in the UK; November 3rd in the States) and spending the month of November in residence at LA's Downtown Palace Theater. Every Friday of next month he'll be performing solo cuts which, considering how wildly what we've heard has differed so far, may be nothing like the weirdly operatic and newly streaming "River of Brakelights" above. Surprises! Again, just to be clear, if you don't live anywhere near LA, you won't be as rich as someone who does. No word yet on a full tour, though hopefully the recording of the next Strokes full-length might get in the way of all that. It was a close call.

Julian Casablancas Announces Residency, Shares New Solo Jam