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Bear in Heaven, "Wholehearted Mess" MP3


This song is indeed a wholehearted mess—sounding earnest and heartbursting, turbulent and chaotic, like a passionate but doomed relationship. Best advice: listen to the mad whorls of guitar while you look at their website looking back at you, and see if you can see through to the center of the universe. Bear in Heaven just released their new album, Beast Rest Forth Mouth, in all its radness. If you're in New York they're playing at Lit Lounge tomorrow—totally worth braving the weird filth and whiskey disease and booty touchers. They're also playing like 19 more shows on Saturday if you can't hang, check the MySpace for details.

Download: Bear in Heaven, "Wholehearted Mess" (via White Guys with Beards)

Bear in Heaven, "Wholehearted Mess" MP3