Chris Brown To The Fans: "Say Hello To The Bad Guy"

Just in case you guys thought it was a joke, nerp: Chris Brown is officially back and running things, as heard in his last-minute interview on New York radio station Hot 97 with radio personality Angie Martinez. From talking about his issues with Oprah Winfrey to revealing a conversation with Mr. "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," himself and Diddy, Breezy went IN like Rocky 5... step up your memory catalog folks!

"As a young black man myself, I need older black male role models to step in and kind of mold me. Not people bashing me, 'cause that's not how you learn from mistakes," Brown told Martinez about Will Smith and Diddy.

Granted, he could play the high road of someone in need of "help" like Banks and Hilson back in '06, but when it came to those rumors about Jay-Z blackballing him from the BET Awards 2009 show last June and the threats of bodily harm to his well-being....well, let's just say Chris played his cards right on that answer.

"I don't know and don't think it was him," Brown said. "I don't got anything against homie."

All in all, the video and audio files are going to circulate online faster than Norton Anti-Virus subscription renewal offers over the next few weeks, so take it for what it's worth. Hate him or love him, Brown is determined to make it in this music industry, even if he has to go and get colored as the "bad guy" for his personal situation/domestic dispute with Rihanna.

From records with Lil Wayne ("Transformya") and Juelz Santana ("Back Home"), this kid is looking to continue being under 21 sitting on mills... -Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

Chris Brown To The Fans: "Say Hello To The Bad Guy"