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Fever Ray Halloween RA Podcast


If your only options for a Halloween costume at this point are Balloon Boy, some visual representation of Kanye interrupting something or Carles, please get off the internet (after you're done reading a bunch of posts here). We have a few recommendations. First, as a friend recently said, "I'm sexy every day of the year—Halloween is my chance to be ugly," so forget the Sexy [fill in the blank] and turn yourself into a walking Swine Flu booger or enormous pair of saggy boobs. Option two, Hobo You: basically just you but wearing all the stuff at the bottom of the closet. Carry a knapsack and look eager for work because hobos are not bums. Someone might even offer you a job! Number three, fat cat. And finally, follow Fever Ray's lead, dress normally (if not a little more stylishly) but act so fucking creepy that it actually makes people not want to be alone with you. Some of you are already really good at this so maybe just paint a spider web on your face or something. To prep and inspire, go grab the newest Resident Advisor podcast, helmed by Fever Ray's Karin Dreijer Andersson and her touring bandmates.

Download: Fever Ray Halloween RA Podcast

Fever Ray Halloween RA Podcast