Spike Jonze Fake-Punches Kanye West on Camera, Public Collectively Climaxes

The internet has their hinterlands in a heezy today over the just-released behind the scenes short of Spike Jonze pretending to smack Kanye West across the face for over-texting. What has ensued is a sideshow of Kanye-haters witnessing their most orgiastic fantasies enacted and gleefully, droolingly soaking it up—a reprise of the true colors unloosed during the Taylor Swift incident. The public vitriol towards Kanye even inspired Pitchfork to refer to it as a “bitchslapping,” which, to us, translates as either they [everyone] newly think of Kanye as belonging to the same lower caste as women, or they [everyone] think of women as belonging to the same lower caste as Kanye. Either way, society, women, Kanye, progressiveness, victims of domestic violence, Rihanna, people who die in barfights, and your mother all lose—as does humor, because to be honest, this shit ain’t that funny. WELCOME TO BUMMER SUMMER! GUY DEBORD AND LUCIFER TAKE ALL!

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