Rihanna Has Plenty More In Store

Seems like the Rihanna camp is using the internet as a focus group. After the disappointment that was "Russian Roulette," two more singles dropped on the internet this week. The first one “Wait Your Turn” is completely nonsensical. What is this song is talking about? Football? Sexual football metaphors? The first verse is about pitching and swinging (baseball?) so how did we get to fumbles?

The second single “Hard” is unbelievable. As in “I don’t believe you; you need more people.” Apparently all the studded leather has gone to RiRi’s head. Even Jeezy doesn’t add credibility to her hood pass. The song is much more upbeat and jams better than the previous two but I can’t say I see her as “the hottest bitch in heels” (Cough Beyonce.)

If these leaks tell us anything for certain its that we have no idea what this album is going to sound like. Apparently this one spans the schizophrenic spectrum, from suicide to sports to swagger as well as the fact that RiRi has suddenly regained her accent. The wait is ova but I’m still not sure it was worth it.—Judnick Mayard

Download: Rihanna, "Wait Your Turn"

Download: Rihanna f. Young Jeezy, "Hard"

Rihanna Has Plenty More In Store