Matador Purchases True Panther Sounds Music Label

Things this actually means: like Girls before them, worthwhile acts like Glasser and Tanlines will get a huge step-up in aid for getting their music out there. Also, the imprint will continue to be managed by founder Dean Bein. So, the whole thing seems like a win-win.

Things this means in bizarro world: Jay Reatard cameo in the next NSFW "Lust For Life" video? On some strange level you can almost picture this making sense can't you? Think about it... or don't.  (No, we don't really want to either).

Matador just announced the signing, and part of their statement included this gem.

"What would possess Matador to become involved with another label in this capacity? As Victor Kiam once explained his decision to purchase the Remington Shaver operation, "I liked it so much, I bought the company." Needless to say, we like Dean, Girls, Glasser, Tanlines, Lemonade and Hunx & His Punx much more than than Mr. Kiam appreciated those razor blades."

So, you know, it's always good to know the dudes over there are pretty sure they love good music more than some rich dude loved knicking his face with a razor. But seriously fooks, this is a good thing. (Via: Brooklyn Vegan)

Matador Purchases True Panther Sounds Music Label