Rammstein's New Album Banned From Display in Germany, A Country Sighs in Relief

Rammstein's new full-length Liebe ist Für Alle Da has been banned from public display by the German government, a ruling that is to take effect tomorrow, November 11th. According to Billboard, depictions of sadism and masochism found on the album's cover artwork as well as in its lyrical content were cause for concern,  the public announcement of Petra Maier, the deputy president of the German Federal Office for the Examination of Media Harmful to Young People (much longer in German,) citing song "Ich tue Dir Weh" (or "I Want to Hurt You") as one such example. Having recently been forced to watch the music video/incredibly loud porn segment for the band's lively new single "Pussy," a clip in which members of the band seem to perform various sexual acts as well as encourage unprotected sex, the GFOEMHYP's ruling doesn't come as too much of a surprise. This would have given Tipper Gore fits back in the day and to be honest, just thinking about passing it along in this post feels NSFW. Google at your own risk!

Rammstein, who despite touching on "such subjects as sadomasochism, homosexuality, incest, abuse, necrophilia, pyromania, cannibalism and sexual violence," have never had an album banned in their native Germany. Liebe ist Für Alle is currently at Number Two in the European Billboard Chart and their upcoming, 50-date European tour is already sold out according to the Billboard report. The band declared the following via their Facebook page.

The new Rammstein album has been placed on the restricted list at the instigation of the Ministry of Family Affairs led by Minister Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen. This means that the album is now only available under the counter. If you want to buy the album, make sure that you take proof of your age with you when you go to the retailer of your trust.

Not salty at all, right?

Rammstein's New Album Banned From Display in Germany, A Country Sighs in Relief