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Premiere: Juiceboxxx & Dre Skull, "Hype (Udachi RMX)" MP3


When we die, we want a crowd of people replicating the bridge to this remix at our funeral: some dude chanting There's no beginning/there is no end while everyone claps, then Juiceboxxx jumps in and yells Get hype one time!. Of course said funeral will be in a planetarium with lasers, and our ashes will be mixed with silver glitter which will rain down from the ceiling like confetti (is that gross?). Because life is a party, let's get it in! Udachi has a habit of making tracks we're insatiable for (see: "Paypur," his bass-bombing track with Jubilee), so add his remix of Juicy-juice and Dre Skull's breakbeaty palpitator to the dossier. Cop the original over here.

Download: Juiceboxxx & Dre Skull, "Hype (Udachi RMX)"

Premiere: Juiceboxxx & Dre Skull, "Hype (Udachi RMX)" MP3