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Be Friends: Joanna Newsom and Mister Mort

When you're friends with two people who don't know each other sometimes you just assume they have met but didn't quite make the connection, like all it will take is a bro connect sponsored by you and the triumvirate will be complete. At least this was our reaction when Mister Mort put up a photo of Joanna Newsom wearing a killer trench and perfectly coordinated shoes and Starbucks cup on his street style blog and didn't seem to know it was her until a commenter told him so. It is also clear by the bewildered look in her eyes that she doesn't know him. Dudes! Be pals! This could be a totally insane partnership on many levels of detailing and anachronistic life choices. Hit us up for the intro.

Be Friends: Joanna Newsom and Mister Mort