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New Savior of Music Industry: Oprah?


This week New York Magazine analyzed "The Oprah Effect" in terms of music sales in relation to her stamps of approvals and show performances. Their results seem to liken an artist being on her show to say, Obama mentioning said artist in his inauguration speech and then following up with the exact URL to purchase his or her album on Amazon. Just ask Michael Buble, whose album Crazy Love sold 132,000 copies in three days after his label moved the release of his album to coincide with his Oprah appearance. Granted all of our Moms would have totally bought that record eventually, but probably not that day.

Presumably, within days every major record exec in America will be forming a business plan to try and persuade the talk-show queen to create a music club similar to her book club with some sort of split-profit sharing. This is all well and good until she James Frey's Bon Iver or something and finds out his cabin in Wisconsin wasn't even really wood. (Via: The Daily Swarm)

Posted: November 17, 2009
New Savior of Music Industry: Oprah?