NME Takes New York Mag's New York Music 2009 Cover Story and Raises Them New York Music Circa 2001


We can’t imagine the folks over at NME altogether hated New York Magazine’s current cover story detailing how New York once again became an epicenter of musical creativity (hint: use rent prices to force nearly every struggling artist and venue into one borough, have loft mixer or something). After all, it did get MGMT on the cover. And the Brits seem to love those crazy chaps and their face paint. But they also don’t seem to want to let New York (the city or the mag) get too cocky. So they released a list today (their top 100 albums of the 2000′s) crowning The Strokes 2001 debut Is That Is? as the high watermark of the decade and reminding the city that their best music is behind them. Suck on that, Longstreth. (Via: NME)

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