Krist Novoselic Still Loves Dave Grohl

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In an article for the Seattle Weekly titled "How I Met Dave Grohl, the Biggest Guy in Rock and Roll," former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic waxes poetic about the musical prowess and undying dedication of his former bandmate, Dave Grohl.

Describing his first interaction with Grohl, Novoselic reminisces: "I remember going to the airport and picking this dude up. He was easygoing--just like some guy named Paul McCartney told the Times. He brought up his drum set--a yellow TAMA with a 26" kick. The man understood John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) and Dale Crover (the Melvins), and this kick proved it. We wasted no time and rehearsed the next day. I knew Dave was coming, so beforehand I'd found a rehearsal place in Tacoma's north end.

"It was a productive session, but the next night Kurt and I just messed around at practice for some reason. We all left together, and I could feel that Dave was a little distressed. That shows his serious work ethic. Don't get me wrong, Nirvana had a good work ethic, but perhaps Dave was feeling a little remorse at that moment for betting it all on these two guys from Washington."

Those two guys, he goes on to explain, ultimately pulled through, and the group became the Nirvana that we know and still miss today. Novoselic concludes, "For me, the years 1990 to 1994 seem like 10 years. So much went on, and of course so much went wrong. But life went on after Nirvana. I love the Foo Fighters. Dave kept that work ethic and focus, and that's why he's the greatest rock musician in the world today."

Krist Novoselic Still Loves Dave Grohl