Hip-Hop Still Has Love For Grizzly Bear In Wake Of Ed Droste's Twitter Suicide

Sure, it's great to get the Jay-Z stamp of approval, but Jay lives in a penthouse in Tribeca or something (in our mind dude has like 18 houses- recession be damned). The man isn't exactly down with the underground anymore.

So it's nice to see some more, shall we say "indie" rappers also show their love for the G.B. This week Kidz In The Hall leaked the first song from their upcoming Professional Leisure Tour mixtape and to our surprise it was not a bass-heavy trunk jam but a bragacodio-filled re-interpretation of Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks."Check it out here.

This should come as a particular comfort to Grizzly Bear fans, who are still mourning the recent loss of Ed Droste's Twitter account. The fine folks at Hipster Runoff gave a pretty stellar eulogy of Droste's departure from the Twitterverse...

Edward Droste (1982–2009)
a Eulogy
Edward Droste, creator and CEO of the popular indie band Grizzly Bear, committed suicide in November of 2009. He is survived by Victoria Legrand, lead singer of the band Beach House. She has vowed to avenge his death by claiming Pitchfork’s album of the year in 2010. Ed has three surviving bandmates, Daniel Rossen, Chris Bear, and Chris Taylor. They have decided to dissolve Grizzly Bear, and continue performing as ‘The Department of Eagles.’ In 10–20 years, they will consider Edward was always known to throw down a solid meme, and was one of the initial supporters of the chillwave movement. In 2 short months, Edward would have found out that Grizzly Bear’s 2009 album Veckatimest was controversially voted the #1 album of the year after a voter fraud scandal in the Pitchfork offices.

(Via: Nah Right & Daily Swarm/Hipster Runoff)

Hip-Hop Still Has Love For Grizzly Bear In Wake Of Ed Droste's Twitter Suicide