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Premiere Stream: DM Stith, "Thanksgiving Moon (Michna Remix)"

photographer Andrew Henderson

With Turkey Day less than a week away, you may already be thinking about how you're going to burn off a gallon of egg nog and three pounds of green bean casserole so that you still look good for holiday spooning season. We might have a remedy here in the form of Michna's heavy duty remix of DM Stith's brand new "Thanksgiving Moon." It appears on Stith's new EP of the same name and just made us jump up and do the most epic Grumpy Chicken of all times. Here's how it goes: bounce on the balls of your feet so that your heels raise about half an inch, bend your arms at the elbows and flap them to the beat, grow a bunch of white hair and hit on 26-year-olds. So fun and so healthy! The dance of 2010 no doubt. We're gonna show it to Michna when he plays Plan B in NYC the day after Thanksgiving. Meet us there and be a part of history.

DM Stith, "Thanksgiving Moon (Michna Remix)"

Premiere Stream: DM Stith, "Thanksgiving Moon (Michna Remix)"