Lykke Li, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” MP3

The Shirelles recorded one of the saddest pop songs in the history of American music, which Lykke fully comprehends. Her minimal piano version is heart-wrenching, stripped down to the very core of the track: forlorn uncertainty amidst the temporary bliss of a one-nighter. Damn. If you’re at all depressed about love and/or currently drunk, you should probably not listen to this.

Download: Lykke Li, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” (email sign-up required) (via Discobelle)

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  1. music mp3 says:

    A beautiful song indeed. A pure voice and a gentle music. But as you say, don’t listen to this if you’re depressed about love..

  2. Daniel says:

    Yeh, nice. Sharp, crisp, and clear voice. But she’s missing some chords on the piano, she’s sometimes off key, and she uses way too much echo. Or needs to get out of the cave. The song will carry itself.