Taylor Swift Wins Big Award, World Can Finally Stop Apologizing For Rapper Being Big Bully


Taylor Swift won the American Music Awards artist of the year trophy last night (as well as four other awards), marking a rare example of a make-up call from a previous award show in which she… also won an important award. Now that this barely wrong (dick move: yes, gathered more sympathy and attention for her as an artist than a PR lackey’s wildest dreams: also yes) has been righted, maybe America will rightfully return to only talking about her scary-good pop songs or dating Jonas brothers and other tomfoolery. Still waiting on Kanye’s congratulatory blog post, though. That should be a fun read. (Via: Vulture)

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  1. I’m longing for Taylor Swift’s new album. Seems like ages since her last one.

  2. Sounds like Taylor Swift’s Foxboro live concert was fantastic. I wish I could have been at it.