Watch My Morning Jacket Do Fox's "American Dad!"

We've been a bit torn on this one since it was announced. One the one hand, we're totally for quality indie bands getting as much love on mainstream TV shows as humanly possible. Come to think of it, we heard a couple Matt & Kim songs on NBC's "Community" a few weeks back. But we've also had some "evil urges" of our own in regards to "American Dad!" head honcho Seth MacFarlane. Dude has just never really hit our funny bone, and our college roommate had seasons 1-45 of Family Guy committed to memory or something. Don't get us started.

Anyway, we decided to go ahead and give the show a chance. And if nothing else it works as a pretty fine showcase for MMJ's tunes, and how they're absolutely a band regular folks (like "American Dad!"s Stan Smith) would get really into if they heard them in passing. It also gave us a pretty weird dream montage of Stan and Jim James flying through the sky lifted by owls to the tune of "Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2" So at least there's that.

Also, Zach Galifianakis sure can play creepy.

(Via: P4K)

Watch My Morning Jacket Do Fox's "American Dad!"