The Butterfly Effect

Call her Rihanna, RiRi or Chris Brown's ex-wifey, but the only thing worse than having her comeback album receive mediocre reviews is when Rated R gets sonned by 50 Boyle? WHOA!

Yes, although it is still early on and bloggers are having a field day with the PhotoShop functions of their Macs, it's looking like the Bajan hottie may actually be getting served by the frumpy reality star-turned-biggest seller of 2009.

Never one to take fame and credit away from anyone, in all honesty, I am proud of Boyle coming through to top all these artists, showing numbers can be sparked from the most unlikely of places. Look, she's projected to move over 600,000 copies, which could topple Eminem's Relapse and murk all your little brother's favorite pin-up girls (Rihanna, Lady Gaga) and top rappers (Birdman, Jay Sean).

But focusing on Rihanna for a quick moment: the singer's new album is being speculated to reach no more than 200,000 copies in its first week...but is that really saying much? No disrespect to her efforts, but first off, she's moving those kind of numbers from Def Jam...the label always rumored to cop their own records. Next, it's her "comeback" album...she went beyond double platinum with Good Girl Gone Bad, which dropped in 2007 (and was also re-released a few times)...and she has received the most publicity ANY singer could beg for...

Not trying to applaud Chris Brown's actions for helping Rihanna takeover all bloggers, reporters, journalists and non-profit organizations' agendas, but without their incident, what would that mean? I look at it like the whole 50 Cent incident. He received so much publicity from "beefing" with Rick Ross, but Before I Self Destruct seemed to fizzle at retail markets, with or without a global leak. So what numbers would Rihanna be able to move without having gotten herself into the dispute with Breezy?

Again, all of this is speculation, but thanks to music charting sites like and, it's a safe bet to say Rihanna might be taking a very unexpected "L" for her latest effort. Maybe people were a bit shaky about listening to content surrounding her fight or maybe it's just expected....however, I can't accept that answer.

Even Whitney Houston and Maxwell, if memory serves me correct, topped over 300,000 in their first-weeks, so what gives? As her co-signer would say, "Men lie, women lie but numbers don't...." We'll see what's going on come Wednesday. -Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

The Butterfly Effect