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8Ball & MJG f. Lil Boosie, "Ten Toes Down" (Remix) MP3

After seeing this at the end of last week we thought it would be another great 8Ball & MJG album cut we'd forget about for a few years and then rediscover—completely listenable, but not entirely notable. Our mistake! The duo's voices have evolved into a whole other realm of gruff huskiness, to the point that we would buy and 8Ball & MJG album of them counting to 10,000 if it meant we could actually buy a new 8Ball & MJG album. Plus, Lil Boosie is back with another verse that sounds like it was written right before his current jail stint, sounding even more hungry and determined than usual, which is saying something.

Download: 8Ball f. MJG & Lil Boosie, "Ten Toes Down" MP3

8Ball & MJG f. Lil Boosie, "Ten Toes Down" (Remix) MP3