Everyone's a Critic, and The Antlers Peter Silberman Used To Be a (Trip-Hop) DJ?

theantlersWe’ve used a ton of adjectives to describe The Antlers music to our friends. Most of them are positive, and the ones that aren’t mostly just describe the time they made us cry after playing “Atrophy” for us in a hotel  bathroom. We still had to meet our dad that day, and he hasn’t let us live that down since. But one phrase we’ve never used to describe them: trip-hoppy. This might be for the best. A concept album about a hospice doctor falling in love with his terminally ill patient doesn’t exactly scream bass-heavy beats. Needless to say, we were caught a bit offguard when Silberman told FlavorWire he used to host a three-hour a week trip-hop show at his college radio station. He went on to share a sort of introductory playlist to the most mainstream songs that either fall into the trip-hop category or share some influences: from Burial to Beach House. Check out the full story here. And heed this lesson, pretentious college radio kids: don’t ignore that kid with the weird genre-specific 2 a.m. show. In reality that guy may be a stand-up dude who ends up putting out one of the best albums of the year a little while down the road. (Via: FlavorWire)

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