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Hand-Printed Christian Joy Pieces For Under $100

Designer Christian Joy recently set up an Etsy store with her collection of one-of-a kind prints, gorgeously colorful clothes she appropriately describes as "raw and full of energy." Amongst the hand-printed dresses and leggings, there are a few extra special pieces to be had, like her "When I want you in the night" tee, a shirt that was once part of an art show she worked on with her husband Jason Grisell. Everything in the store reflects her stellar work as a costume designer, without being too costumey to wear out on a Friday night—especially if you were blessed at birth with a luxurious bowl cut like Karen O. Elizabeth from the Trashicist models all the designs, and is currently working as CJ's intern, which just goes to show that fashion kindred spirits always find each other eventually.

Hand-Printed Christian Joy Pieces For Under $100