Video: Omar Rodriguez Lopez, “Asco Que Conmueve Los Puntos Erógenos”

Two-time FADER coverman Omar Rodriguez Lopez directed this video for a song about some sort of difficulty with erogenous zones (translation wizards in the comments please) off recent album Xenophanes and compacts a courtship and pregancy into two minutes and then smash cuts afterbirth with a himself cooking meat a miscarriage into what appears to be a meal of said tissue. Delicious! Thanks Omar! For real though, if you’ve been a fan of ORL forever like we have, Xenophanes does not disappoint, nor is it something he’s sitting on for an extended period, as he’s just posted an entire new album, entitled Solar Gambling, with vocals and lyrics from the woman in this video, Mexican pop star and actress Ximena Sariñara. It sounds a lot more like At The Drive-In than anything we can remember since, Omar taking the opportunity of Sariñara’s soft voice to space out instead of pound your brains with 8,000 tracks of shredding. Download the whole thing here for the price of your choosing, and bookmark that site because there will probably be another new album up there in a month.

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  1. Dandelion says:

    They promised one album every month for one year, yay! Their new drummer is also insane, good news if you were missing Theodore.

  2. title means something like ‘disgust that moves the erogenous zones’. (‘move’ as in affect, strike, have an emotional impact on…)

    cool video, anyway. and ximena sariñana looks lovely.

  3. stripey_dave says:

    i think its more like ‘loathe’ not disgust . Ive posted lyrics on sing305 w translation