Philip Seymour Hoffman (The Band) Found A Way To Really Piss Off Our Dad

Rarely on this site do we actually highlight individual concerts for any particular reason (unless they've free or they've already happened and we want to share our pictures and haikus with you). But sometimes a concert can represent something larger, or stranger. This is one of those times.

Tonight in Brooklyn, a one-man band that uses the semi-ironic moniker Philip Seymour Hoffman will play a sound studio/showspace semi-ironically titled Shea Stadium. Outside of a few recorded sound bytes, the musical act appears to have no tie to the famed actor. And outside of a picture of Darryl Strawberry on their myspace, the venue appears to have nothing to do with the actual baseball stadium the New York Mets call home.

Now, we realize the hypocrisy of music bloggers calling for a moratorium on irony. But situations like this can sort of feel like the hipster nexus of the universe, much like that episode of Seinfeld when Kramer found himself lost in the city at the corner of 1st and 1st. For a better example, we turn to our dear old dad.

Our dad loves Philip Seymour Hoffman. Capote was definitely his jam. He also loves the old Shea. Something he does not love: sarcasm. He says it's a sign of weakness or something. And we imagine him to feel similar about irony. So if he stumbled across this concert within an event listing, he would totally assume one of his favorite actors was speaking or presenting some award at a baseball stadium near and dear to his heart. He might even feel compelled to go. Now, one can rightly assume he'd start to get the picture when the directions took him to Brooklyn and not Queens, where the Mets actually play. But if he didn't, he would be pretty irked about the whole thing, and would probably say the band just sounded like noise and put on his Bob Seger tape and drive home all pissed. Now, band Philip and venue Shea, we had no beef with you before, but why would you do something like that to dear old Dad? He loves flannel too you know. Just let him be. (Via: The L Magazine)

Philip Seymour Hoffman (The Band) Found A Way To Really Piss Off Our Dad