Robin Thicke f. Snoop Dogg, "It's In The Mornin"

Snoop Dogg

Dear Paula Patton, our jealousy knows no bounds. Seriously, just listening to this song makes us feel like we’re headed for a sensual romp in the wee hours of daylight with a rooster crowing in the distance. Our only question is, Can we brush our teeth first? Although lets be real, Thicke is so smooth he probably wakes up with fresh breath, ready to have at it. As for Snoop, if he can convince women to wear leashes in public, early mornin’ mayhem is child’s play. This should have you checking up on how many sick days you have left because this kind of wake up inevitably leads to calling out.

Download: Robin Thicke f. Snoop Dogg, “It’s In The Mornin”

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