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The Gaza-Gully Peace Treaty of 2009

Vybz and Mavado coming together in a government building to declare their long feud over for the sake of actual peace in the streets of Kingston is by no means insignificant, but people on both sides are understandably skeptical of any lasting detente. However, watching them clown around in this press conference video reminds us of the time we got called into the principal's office for slapfighting with a friend. The principal was all like "You two must shake hands and make amends, this is a civilized place of study not a boxing ring." And we were like "You know what man he's right. We should stop not being best friends and be best friends as of this very moment. Violence is not the answer. Thank you, Mr Principal." Then we went outside and kicked each other in the balls. What can you do? Point being, this news story is awesome and hilarious and we hope that Vybz and Mavado's honest truce does inspire their fans to chill out, while at the same time we hope the two continue to challenge each other as frequently as possible. Because in the end, what's more entertaining to watch, real peace or fake war? (via Riddim Mafia)

The Gaza-Gully Peace Treaty of 2009