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Young Money, "Where's Wayne" MP3


Young Money going in on the classic New Orleans Bounce beat Trigger Man doesn't elicit any Big Freedia-style call outs from Minaj, unfortunately, but it has a good "dad's away" cipher vibe, proving Wayne doesn't need to be on the track to energize it. It also features youth leaders Lil Chuckee—even though we got pretty burnt on the adult careers of Master P's seed Lil Romeo and the formerly Lil Bow Wow, we still have high hopes for these wee ones. Plus we like the sound of their voices. It reminds us to break out the So So Def remix of Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas," with that ridiculous intro where Bow Wow won't go to bed. Don't sleep on the animated video version!

Download: Young Money, "Where's Wayne?" (via Nicki Minaj Fans)

Young Money, "Where's Wayne" MP3