Florence and the Machine, “You’ve Got the Love (XX Remix [Renaissance Man Edit])” MP3

This, ridiculously, is an edit of a remix of a cover. Seriously, it was difficult figuring out whose picture to run. We had to choose Renaissance Man because this version is essentially just a rework into their own track, almost completely eliminating the vocals of Florence or The XX. This is kind of like when everyone realized that the reason Raymond Carver’s short stories were so spare was because his editor cut everything out and it was like “Oh shit now his legacy is tarnished!” Except not really because it’s not like you hear something when you are dancing and are like “Oh man I really hope that Renaissance Man had a hand in re-editing this because if so I am going to dagger harder!” Because if you were a real music fan you should not be able to dagger any harder than you already were upon hearing Finnish techno. Or a Finnish techno remix of British people remixing a British lady covering an American lady who is old now. Candi Staton told us she loves Renaissance Man. We actually commissioned this edit. While daggering. While daggering while reading “Cathedral.”

Download: Florence and the Machine, “You’ve Got the Love (XX Remix [Renaissance Man Edit])” (via You Can Call Me Pelski)

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