Karen O Triumphs Over Miley Cyrus, Universe Finds Balance for Brief Moment

karen-oIt seems that God is speaking via Grammy nominations: Karen O has scored a Grammy nomination for “All Is Love” from Where the Wild Things Are after Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” was disqualified. The news was not initially reported by the Grammys, nor by Karen O, but rather by Interscope spokesman Matt LaMotte, who announced the change on a blog maintained by Wild Things director Spike Jonze.

“In an unexpected twist,” he wrote, “one of the announced Grammy candidates… has been disqualified after the fact. The nomination then goes to the song with the next-highest initial vote,” namely Karen O’s lovely tune. The new nomination has been confirmed by the Grammys, but their motivation behind disqualifying Cyrus remains unclear. It is rumored that the song wasn’t originally written for a movie: while the song did appear in the cinematic jewel that was Hannah Montana: The Movie, it must have “melody and lyrics written specifically for a motion picture, television or other visual media,” according to the Grammy rule book.

Congratulations, Karen O!

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  1. Lacy Glunz says:

    Hearsay has it that Miley dropped her Prius over fears surrounding the Toyota recall. Apparently not. Seems her pet German Shepherd was getting too large for the Prius. So she opted for a much bigger Mercedes hybrid suv. Talented, rich and eco-aware — gotta say one should love Miley.

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