CYRIOUSLY: The Life & Times Of Christopher Maurice Brown

Every week, Cyrus Kyle Langhorne pulls no punches on the topics at hand. This week: Chris Brown's oversharing problem.


Apologies Freeway-earrrrrrrrly for "attempting" to title drop something that does not automatically categorize me in the "another Chris Brown posting..ughh...." state of mind for some of the readers out thurrr...(c) Chingy, 2003

When it comes to music, common knowledge and du-rag giveaway hints would lead my judges to place me in the "he's a rapppper" talks, but truth be told, I'm a music lover to the core. Sure, I might be able to spit a hot Biggie Smalls 16 bars off the dome piece while doing that Tony Yayo hand dance, but at the same time, I'm able to finish off by saying "...but you don't hear me though" and then calling up wifey to soak up the hot tub and toss on some Al Green at the same time. (laugh)

Okay, I'm going a bit off topic, my point here is I'm giving an honest opinion of Brown and while hip-hop influence may be sprinkled throughout, take me as a music lover dropping the 4-1-1 on Breezy. Now with that said..."it's over."

Yes, as Chris Brown exits stage left alongside Pleasure P, the R&B game opens its doors for a few Drakes, Lloyds and shucks why not, even Mario can find his spot back in the limelight. It's sad, yes, but unexpected?'s like watching Carlito's Way and even after escaping the club rush, dodging bullets at Grand Central Station, the outcome is the same. Even when you are 20 minutes into it, watching Pacino go up to his long-lost love...that ending isn't going to change, and it's the same with Brown.

Do I want him to be successful and keep dropping new records for R&B? Yes. Do I think he is still going to release a fourth, fifth and maybe sixth album in the years to come? Yes. Will he ever regain the support he once had for Exclusive. "What?!" (c) Stone Cold, 2003

Look, I'm not here to argue about why this and that, because as a music head, I'm the type that loves controversy in an artistic the sense where it only enhances and betters the overall music. However, in Brown's case? It's a wrizzy. I just can't get over the people he put on blast, granted, it may have only been single digits, but those few folks were major. Oprah Winfrey? Rihanna (of course)? Jay-Z? Sure, the "he said, she said" suggests I'm over-hyping his conflicts with the named persons, but you strike a chord with Ms. "O" Magazine? Ouch...your stock value automatically goes down 27 percent. Rihanna? Well, she may take you in but you get plastered onto projection screens at domestic abuse classes throughout the South. (Shout-out to Arkansas!) Hov? can survive that.

But let's look at it. Even though his album, Graffiti, is looking like it will be sonned compared to Rihanna's Rated R (which sold 160-180k, first-week) with one-day estimates saying it'll knock down about 85 to 100,000 copies....I can't get over some of the remarks he was making over Twitter (

"im tired of this sh*t. major stores r blackballing my cd. not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. what the f*ck do i gotta do...," he wrote Friday (December 11). "WTF... yeah i said it and i aint retracting sh*t im not biting my tongue about sh*t else... the industry can kiss my a** thx again to my real fans. u dont go unnoticed. love yall."

This is one reason why I still don't understand why some Jeremy Piven ("Entouage")-type agent or even Bow Wow didn't take dude's Blackberry and toss it in the ocean right after he typed, "What the f*ck are you trying to do to us?!!?" Honestly, Twitter tells too much. And for Brown, he's a 20-year "kid" (yup, I said it) still coming off one of the worst years of his career and thinking it's cool or even acceptable to just come out and lash out.

I saw the rant being talked about on a few blogs and even looked at his Twitter page myself to see if it was the real deal. Sure enough, all of that was there. So I start to do calculations in my head. Music industry is going to shambles, record sales-wise, right? Disposable income kids are what have always been the main target for marketers/retail outlets...but I'm thinking the grown-ups are where the real money is at. So, there are three consumer groupings. The young (14 to late 20s), the older (30s to mid-50s) and the rest (late 50s to OGs.....), right? Well, Brown isn't getting the latter two groups, so it's a given his core is coming from the youth. With that said, I just can't see myself thinking about young folks being inspired and still wanting to go out and support his music to the core, especially if it's true and he "is" being blackballed. HOWEVER, the factor most people are forgetting is that while these young ones are looked at as the "disposable income" crew, they also tend to be the most Internet-savvy in these times.....long story short....forumn here, double click there, full (illegal) download COMPLETED.....these guys aren't going out to buy something they really support unless it has a Young Money stamp on it and/or Kanye West dissed them at an awards show.

Therefore, it's only a matter of time....sure the Lil Wayne feature is cool, Swizz Beatz production is dope and rumors worked out as "Famous Girl" dropped, but in a time when men are finding more acceptable ways to become feminine (handbags, skinny jeans, etc...) and are even co-signing Nicki Minaj's "Barbie" movement, Brown will still carry the image of "Carlito" despite all his ways to correct the past and move in the right direction. Unfortunately, Rihanna and her fans are Benny Blanco......END ACT III.

CYRIOUSLY: The Life & Times Of Christopher Maurice Brown