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Video: Woodsman, "Sunglass"

Do other people experience concert fatigue or is that just us? You know, the moment after you've seen like 30 bands in a row play outside in the hot sun and there's some long, hypnotic instrumental groove thing happening and you're feeling it so you close your eyes and sway half asleep until the next song starts to jolt you out of your temporary stupor (we promise we're not talking about nodding off). Woodsman have perfected making music that sounds a lot like that moment all the time. "Sunglass"—which we've written about before—is an entirely accurate simulation of that drowsy feeling, and the video only adds to the sleepy-but-still-interested vibes, layering washed out images on top of each other until you feel like you've been staring at the sun for way too long.

Video: Woodsman, "Sunglass"