Hidden Cat, “Shooting Stars” MP3

This cover of an already-elevating Bag Raiders song is like a full-body immersion in a gossamer funk milkbath. Hidden Cat is a dude out of Carolina (c.f. Dot Allison) with a keen sense of patience and bass, which may seem counterintuitive, but render this track that much more impactful. Sidebar if anyone wants to gift us with something, full-body immersion in a milkbath at a spa is probably like… number 72 on the wish list. We’d rather go with this simulacra and have you give us a plane ticket to Georgia (the country) or something.

Download: Hidden Cat, “Shooting Stars” (via Neon Gold)

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  1. Ian Mitchell says:

    i dig this, with a shovel…. no gloves! Dope.