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Video: Kadebostan, "Vodka Wedding"

Given that Kadebostan kind of looks like a soap opera star, it's curious that this video for his "Vodka Wedding," from his new EP of the same name, features a shelf of records being pulled out, replaced, sliding and uprighting themselves. Perhaps this is a metaphor for his jumble of influences. Clearly he is a resident of the land of minimal techno, but he's also stepping into territories of raga and dub, using those genres' base reliance on repetition to fight off minimal's occasional inclination to spiral into itself without wide variation. Though he may be using a accordion to overlay his bulbous electronics, he utilizes its sound so lightly and deftly that "Vodka Wedding" begins to stray into the melodica strewn dub of Augustus Pablo. "Vodka Wedding," which implies a fairly gregarious party, is more for the kind of after-wedding vodka party you hope to have, really tired, family's gone, just your crew, some blunted house and some Swiss dude who knows how to fuck up a drum machine.

Video: Kadebostan, "Vodka Wedding"