Audio/Freeload: Woods, “Sunlit” +”Military Madness”

February 23, 2009

Ever since we first caught Woods' spare "Don't Pass on Me," we've watched the band go from acoustic hush to full-bodied sunburned psych before becoming something that combines both ends of the spectrum into perfectly catchy lo-fi folk rock nuggets. In another time these guys would be living in Laurel Canyon with the Byrds and Frank Zappa and Graham Nash (whose "Military Madness" Woods cover below), but instead they live in New York, probably listen to A LOT of Grateful Dead bootlegs and make music we could drive forever to if we had cars.

Woods, "Sunlit" (From a Woods 7-inch out on Captured Tracks in March)

Download: Woods, "Military Madness" (from Songs of Shame out this April on Shrimper)

Posted: February 23, 2009
Audio/Freeload: Woods, “Sunlit” +”Military Madness”