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Freeload: Crocodiles, “I Wanna Kill” + “Summer of Hate”

February 24, 2009

Following on the Fat Possum heels of Wavves and joining Zoo Music with our recent favorite Dum Dum Girls is another new grimy SoCal band named Crocodiles. Judging by the titles, these dudes are not really feeling the good vibrations so much these days, though the actual songs are not nearly as cranky. In fact, "I Wanna Kill," despite the homicidal chorus, is actually one of the more upbeat nuggets we've heard from this new set of bands, and you can probably hear it live when the Crocs play a Repeal Prop 8 benefit at Ruby Room in San Diego on Saturday night. Or if you think Prop 8 is a good idea, check them at some SXSW parties where we will slap you in the face and read you the Constitution until you puke.

Download: Crocodiles, "Summer of Hate"

Download: Crocodiles, "I Wanna Kill"

Freeload: Crocodiles, “I Wanna Kill” + “Summer of Hate”