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Freeload: Miss Banks, “Seventeen” + “Gimme A Chance”

February 06, 2009

Our friends at Klash City Records just signed up a girl whose song we ripped from MySpace last week in order to play it on our weekly radio show. Her name is Miss Banks, she's from Harlem and she writes rhymes like a drunken sailor. The song we played on the radio was "Gimme A Chance" and is now legitimately downloadable, and Klash City just put up an mp3 of another good one called "Seventeen," which is her rapping over Ladytron. Hopefully 77Klash will cook up some weird original production for her so we don't have to do another electroclash cover.

Download: Miss Banks, "Gimme A Chance"

Download: Miss Banks, "Seventeen"

(via Rockers NYC)

Posted: February 06, 2009
Freeload: Miss Banks, “Seventeen” + “Gimme A Chance”