CYRIOUSLY: Love Vs. Heartbreak

Welcome back and to some of errryone who never left, sorry for the lack of updates during the holiday rush!

Yes, 2010 is here and now that a(nother) decade is long and gone, it is time for me to come clean about something which has overtaken my mind, body and soul like Pier 1 CDs. (Come on, I can't be 'that' alone on the reference, chea?)

Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak" < Andre 3000's The Love Below

Sure, you could use the argument of time difference or maybe even keep on reading a few more lines to see what I'm really sayi  here, but it's quite simple and plain....Kanye straight JACKED Andre 3000's dopest concept to date.

Now let's look at a couple key facts....Andre and Kanye are both rappers, right? RIGHT. Both artists are known for their very stylistic errr...."styles" and fashion, right? RIGHT. Both had a change of heart (call it momentarily) and decided to drop a straight up R&B-based record ---> song ---> full blown LP. RIGHHHHT.

Now look, of course I know their chemistry and how they even dropped that dope collaboration with Mr. Bentley:

(Just for the record, "Everybody" still rocks on my YouTube favorites alongside "Sex You Up.")

Now blame it on me not attacking this post left and right with embed and hyperlink punches of Wikipedia, but you just have to flow with the kid for a quick extra minute or two.... So who is to say Yeezy came through and just shook the entire game up single-handedly? One thing I couldn't get over from late December 2008 to early 2009 were the constant big-ups for Ye without even the simplest credit for Three-Stacks like those tissue boxes erryone gave to their math teachers a decade ago.

Maybe I'm buggin' but thinking the multiplatinum success of Andre is credit enough just isn't cutting it. I listen to Love Below even to this day and can't get over how dope every record is and how much unexpected surprise is laced in every record....come on, "God, are you there? Oh d*mn, you're a woman." Or maybe even the "Maybe she's, maybe she's...maybe she's the one........" which brought you right into "Prototype."

If anything, I love the straight contrast of Dre's record being an infatuation with love while Ye is going post-Rhianna Chris Brown (minus the Twitter deletion...).

Therefore, only one solution could solve this issue I've had for the past year and a half...the grouping of Ye and Dre for another one of these records.

Surrreeeeee, they keep feeding you the "I'm making my rap comeback....SOON" posts or interview mentions, but while fans still wait up for Big Boi's "Sir Luscious Leftfoot" and an Amber Rose sex tape to leak, both of 'em have some love stories to tell.

Even though Erykah Badu threw Dre in the bag years back, they still share a child together, which brings memories and love themes just ovulating (ouch) for songs to be made out of 'em...Kanye, even though he is joined to the shaved head of Rose, is still speculated on and gossiped about what exactly went wrong with his ex-fiancee, Aleix Phifer. Therefore, it is only right we get these two together to splurge dope emotion and love-based records on an entire album....R&B style of course...

Although I am a rap head to the core, sometimes it takes dips and twirls into the R&B game for emcees to get caught up with the essence of music. With the excess of FREE MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD flooding the underground market and rap beef getting more spoiled than Lil Flip's 2004 "Sunshine" milk bar, it's time to really turn up the heat. Shucks, even Lil Wayne has tried making this kinda-sorta-we're-not-too-sure-if-it's-really-a rock record album while Jay-Z is also contemplating an "experimental" the end of the day, the fire needs to get turned up...

Maybe some readers remember my Beyonce x Alicia Keys album mash-up suggestion, well this is no different. Just like when 50 Cent came and jacked Ja Rule's method of singing on tracks commercially, use a method which has worked and let that motherfunker roll! Come on, as much as people want to hear a Ye album, Dre's buzz and anticipation is up there with the Doc's "Detox" joint.

So, with the slap-in-the-face move by Kanye using Dre's 2003 record, I feel it's only right. *Waits (for Godot).........*

CYRIOUSLY: Love Vs. Heartbreak