Dedication: Neytiri, Princess of Omaticaya (from Avatar)

We haven't seen Avatar yet, but we HAVE seen a disproportionate and somewhat disturbing amount of males we know Twittering about how Neytiri, Princess of Omaticaya (aka a completely computer generated character portrayed by Zoe Saldana) is hot. This felt a little weird to us so we asked our friend and co-worker Sam Hockley-Smith (who wasn't one of the Twitterers), to explain it to us via IM:

it's wildly uncomfortable because you see her
and you're like
you are basically a furry
(you know about furrys right?)
but you can also just tell that she is hot
in real life
its really obvious
but then you're like, wait is she computer animated or an actor
basically what i am getting at is i had a crush on snow white when i was three and its the same thing

To that end, we thought it was only appropriate to dedicate a song by R. Kelly to Neytiri and all of her lovers. Even more appropriate: "SEX PLANET." Here's to all the Na'vi makin babies on the planet Pandora.

Dedication: Neytiri, Princess of Omaticaya (from Avatar)