Hole To Return In Live Form (Well... Sort Of)

She hinted at this a while back, but Courtney Love is hitting the road once again in support of her upcoming album Nobody's Daughter, and she says she'll do it under the Hole moniker (even though the only potential involvement any other former Hole members have is some background vocals.) As Pitchfork points out, Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson said a while back that from a business standpoint the name cannot be used without him. We'd like to see this all turn out well, but it seems like a bit of an odd move for someone so outspoken about the preservation of legacies. If you'd like some Courtney, here are the dates.

02.17 Shepherd's Bush Empire @ London, England
02.19 Magazzini Generali @ Milan, Italy
02.21 Paradiso @ Amsterdam, Netherlands

(Via: P4K)

Hole To Return In Live Form (Well... Sort Of)