Of Montreal Feature The Other Knowles Sister On New Album, Bring Beyonce Collabo One Step Closer

OfMontrealIf you’ve followed our play-by-play on the whole Kevin Barnes/Beyonce Internet pen pal love affair, this will come as no big shock to you. The whole news cycle started because Beyonce said her sister had turned her onto bands like Of Montreal and she’d be interested in working with them. Still. it’s worth noting when these semi-unexpected rumored collaborations often happen. Barnes told Stereogum Solange will be featured on their new album (which may or may not be titled False Priest or The Controller Sphere).

Also of note is the inclusion of futuramama Janelle Monae. We caught the two acts perform a raucous duet together at an encore at an NYC concert bill they shared a few months ago, and must admit the pairing seemed quite fitting. It made us wonder why more science fiction can’t feel more like those weird parties our hippie neighbor throws down the hall. (Via: P4K)

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